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Would you like to embark on an exciting experience of volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina working on community development, informal education, volunteering and European mobility?

WORK IN PROGRESS, the project of Universal Civil Service developed by Amesci and Udruženje Most (Association The Bridge) is what you are looking for!


Universal Civil Service (Servizio Civile Universale – UCS) is an 11-month program that gives people from 18 to 28 years old the opportunity to dedicate a year of their lives toward a solidarity commitment. Youngsters are guaranteed a strong educational and training path, as it is an essential and often only opportunity for personal growth and education toward active citizenship. It is a valuable tool for helping weaker segments of the society, contributing toward the social, cultural and economic development of our Country. If you choose to undertake the eleven-month commitment in the voluntary civil service, you will improve your skills and have economic autonomy.


WORK IN PROGRESS was developed to give the opportunity to young people coming from all over the continent in a project aimed to strengthen the presence of educational associationism and cultural promotion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, improve the opportunities for grassroots participation of the youth in the life of the local community, and to develop possibilities of occupation and social entrepreneurship. If you think your ideas can help our organisation grow or to empower the local network of NGOs, if working with young people sounds meaningful to you, if you are open to meet our volunteers and be a part of the Gradiška community, we are more than welcome to host you! We are specially looking for young people who want to share their skills to their peers while organising: courses, educations, youth exchanges, etc. This program aims to knowledge transfer in both ways and we are ready to show you the growth of our association, all the obstacles and victories we had in these 10 years! We want you to participate in a meaningful project and that is why we are offering you to volunteer in our association but also in other NGOs in Gradiška while going deeper in getting to know the community. We are ready to hear your ideas!


Udruženje Most was established in 2009 in Gradiška, BiH and has grown to position itself as one of the most influential and successful NGO in the country, receiving the award for the best volunteer organisation in the Republic of Srpska in 2018.

Since its first steps, the Association has been building its mission on the principles of sustainable development, promoting practices of active citizenship in the local community and helping local youth to travel and improve their own skills through programs of mobility and informal education. Currently, the Association has three active program areas: Youth Programme, Environmental Programme and Local Development Programme with a focus on social entrepreneurship.

The activities of the Association are based on non-formal education, volunteering, job creation, policy development and implementation, but also practical and innovative projects which involve fieldwork activities. The Association Most has also established and is operating a social enterprise called FG Grupa d.o.o. ( Also, Association’s offices are based in the heart of Gradiška on the river Sava with the view you will like, we guarantee ?.

During your stay here, Association Most will provide accommodation, basic food and pocket money (better then the Bosnian average salary ? ), but also a mentor to help you adapt to your new home and volunteering place.


If you are interested in applying to WORK IN PROGRESS or you want to know more details, you can:

Send an email at:

Call us at: +387 51816401

Get in contact with us via Facebook: Udruženje Most

Application deadline: 10.10.2019. until 2PM via link:

We will be happy to lead you through the application of the Universal Civil Service program!






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Tel/fax: +387 (0)51 816 401

Spomen park slobode, 78400 Gradiška, RS, Bosna i hercegovina

Sva prava zadržana. Udruženje Most.