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Now is summer and Most was and will be full of events: events and activities of all kind, ranging from the playful and recreational to activities that are more educational.

At the beginning of the month we spent three days in the city centre with the campaign “donate a book”, encouraging people to donate books to enrich the library of most, which everyone can use; the library is outside of most, there people can leave books or can take.

Moreover at the beginning of this month our polish volunteerstarted a programming course, because he graduated from university in “IT Related Degree”, so he has a lot skills about this topic,at least this course will keep him busy all summer.

Every Thursday we had movie night in the park, and we will have for all summer.

About the playful activities of this month, we took inspiration from the music, organizing karaoke and music quiz and of course we didn’t forget the sport.

We also organized two creativeworkshops: one was about: “how to do decoupage”, and the other was about: “how to draw a mandala”.

Moreover our Italian volunteers didn’t forget to promote their culture, they did an historical, geographical, artistic presentation about Italy, showing people what was Italy before unification and illustrating artists of all kind and of all time who have made their peninsula known in all over the world.

We finished the language courses (English and Italian) held in the afternoon in Most and now the participants can join summer practicing their skills.Professors with formal education are teaching. We think non-formal education is important for young people because it’s more practical and funny and that is why we organise these courses.

With Budi Muško club, following the educational workshops (Expressing my emotions) held at schools (ТЕХНИЧКА ШКОЛА; СРЕДЊА, СТУЧНА И ТЕХНИЧКА ШКОЛА)

this campaign is following topic EMOTIONS done at school so that students think about these ideas even after the workshop; it was decided to raise awareness of our emotions, so we went out of school with cartoon smiles and asked young people to take pictures expressing their statusfor the day.

We close this month with “Open day at the center of Marjanovac”.

Center Marjanovacis non-governmental, no-profit, no religiousorganisation in Aleksandrovac, municipality of Laktaši. Center isactive in addictionsuppression and receivespeople with addictionproblems. Itis a healing and working community.

The cooperation between Most Association and the MarjanovacCenter continued through a volunteer program marking the 15th anniversary of the “Project Man” program.  Eight volunteers contributed through the help with packaging and decorating craft items and sharing meals and refreshments for the users and friends of the Marjanovac Center.

And so another month has passed between one event and another, but the summer continues with many other events and activities, stay tuned!!


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