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The youth center of Udruženje Most restarts with his activities also thanks to our volunteers coming from Italy and Poland.

The activities range in different fields, from the recreational to the educational ones.

Let’s be a bit more specific:

Movie night. Every Friday we have the movie night. We play movies in different languages for every tastes, and you know what? It’s always for free.

Intercultural evening. The evening started with some funny presentations about Italian and Polish culture and stereotypes. But as you can see we where also tasting traditional pasta, bruschette and goulash made by the volunteers.

Quiz night. How to learn something having fun? It’s easy! In the quiz night you can feed your brain while having fun.

Youngsters of a German association come to visit us guided by Alexandar of “Perpetuum mobile” from Banja Luka.

Thus they knew the activities of Udruženje Most and what is Bosnia and Herzegovina from the point of view of foreign people that are spending already two months in Gradiska (of course our foreign volunteers).

The activities take place also outside “NGO Most”.

Education. Here Wojciech and Anna Rita are presenting the European Voluntary Service program and their personal experiences in it to the representatives of students of a high school.

Visit to Kozara National Park. Enjoying the snow but also learning about local history.

Trip to Banja Luka. Team building, bowling, cinema and so on.

Evening activities are not exclusive for young adults, anyone is welcome!

Article by Anna Rita Loddo

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