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All children deserve to grow their childhood in a serene and carefree way.

The Nest center deals with children aged 6 to 15 through preventive activities which considers development of pesonal and social capacities.

This means that through a team of experts and psycologists are considered their behaviors as hyperactivity, socialization problems, etc.

Day care service helps these children with the prospect of giving them a better future. Everyday the volunteers dedicate their time to the children, doing activities that vary from the educational to the playfull like:

  • Do schoolwork
  • Learn new languages
  • Sports activities
  • Painting and drawing laboratories
  • Musical workshops
  • Educational games in general

Besides these activities, small trips are occasionally organized, such as going to the cinema, Cultural Centre, Heritage Museum, or going out into the open air. Beneficiaries attend the Nest on daily basis, where they have meal before the activities, morover thanks to foreign volunteers activities are integrated, such as the ability to learn a new languages (Italian, English, German and Polish) and the possibility of having a confrontation with volunteers who do not speak their mother language.

The Nest Centre with staff and volunteers does its best to grow our future in the best possible way!

[Article by Valentina Corrente]

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