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Hallo everybody!

Here we are in Gradiska. This will be our home for the next 10 months. We are representing associaction Amesci from Naples on the Italian National Voluntary Service abroad. We have choosen project in Bosnia as a place where we can share our experience and ideas to create a space for young people to participate in the local society. We hope the following time will be full of joy and satsfaction and we will keep unforgettable memories!

Just here we want to share with you some observations after these first days.

1. Time travel

Sometimes we fall into the routine. Months pass away and it may seem like it’s like one day. For this reason is good to go to a new place, to instantly break this perspective. All you need is an idea and a will to do it. So we did and we are here in Gradiska. After the first few days, it seemed like we had been here for a months.

2. A Bridge Too Far

The above slogan is not just the title of the movie, which takes place during the Second World War. War in the Balkans is fortunately a thing of the past. There are numerous traces left, which will probably be revealed to us in the coming months. In Gradiska itself, we can see one monument called “resistance” which remind us of what happened within the second world war. So what does this one bridge mean too far? The answer is very simple. The bridge separates the city of Gradiska from the border of the European Union, and more specifically from Croatia.

3. The balcony

Great thanks to our organization Udruzenje Most for finding a great apartment for us. In particular we appreciate out balcony where we can enjoy really amazing view over the bridge. Any time the view is really unique. You can take a look at the neighboring country Croatia. The composition looks particularly beautiful in the evenings, when you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. So we do not need a lot create a romantic atmosphere. Just go to … the balcony.

4. Italy in Bosnia

Who would think that being in Bosnia you can feel like in Italy. And yet it is possible. Especially when a group of italians is doing volunteering program.Here people enjoy also cofee a lot. We can find many options to anjoy the taste of coffee. The habit of drinking coffee is very strong here. No matter if it’s morning or evening. It is also worth starting the day at work with coffee in the company of your colleagues or friends. There is no macchiato, but you can order a kafa s mljekom. Dobro!

5. Dobro

Gradiska is a city located in Bosnia, in part called the Republika Srpska. The main language used here is the Serbian language. Another issue is that Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian languages sound almost the same. But it is important to have your own to emphasize national identity.It would be here also an asset to know the both common versions of the alphabet, Latin and the Serbian Cyrillic. There is nothing better than brain excersise. As we are newbie in the Balkans, we hear always somebody talking to us some local words, but we are not sure what should we answer. In these cases is good to answer in a simple way, speaking “dobro” . More chance to find friends than enemies.

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Tel/fax: +387 (0)51 816 401

Spomen park slobode, 78400 Gradiška, RS, Bosna i hercegovina

Sva prava zadržana. Udruženje Most.