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At Udruženje Most with the help of Italians and Polish volunteers we are holding intercultural events. Through these we are not just sharing Italian and Polish food and wine (that’s already a good reason to take part in it) but we want to allow Gradiška’s citizens to delve into these cultures.

Why? Because we believe that the cultural awareness is one of the most important skill.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits that derives from it.

Better jobs opportunities. That’s because it allows us to be ready for the challenges that a job gives us nowadays. We need more and more to have contacts with foreign companies and being able to communicate with them in the right way is the key to a successful communication. For sure the employers are looking for those candidates that can guarantee the better achievements for their companies.

Being capable to adapt our products to foreign markets is not far behind. A great example is a well-known automobile brand who decided to adapt the name of one of is models for the Asian market because nobody – in China – would have bought a car that had the number four in its name. In Chinese “sì” four is pronounced really similar to “sí” death.

The open-mindedness that results from being cultural aware allows us to be at ease in different situations, to put ourselves in someone else shoes and thus avoid conflicts due to misunderstandings.


Prevent stereotypes. By avoiding to evaluate other people behaviors through values and rules of our culture we will avoid to label them.

Understanding that there are different ways of doing things.Ex. To understand that you can use those 5 ingredients in twenty different ways and maybe invent yourself the twenty-first.

So, what are you waiting for to take part in these events?

You could discover new ways to have fun.


Article: Anna Rita Loddo

Cultural awareness

Someone’s cultural awareness is their understanding of the differences between themselves and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values.

Collins English Dictionary

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