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This year our organization is hosting international volunteers. One of them is the guy who has IT-related degree. He will be glad to share his skills and knowledge within that faculty. For this reason we organize IT courses in Most. As first we have started to make Basic Excel training. The participants meet weekly with our trainer to learn deeply about Excel.

That course is designed for 10 meetings which sum up to 15 hours of total amount of time. The main objective is to show to the students what are the opportunities excel offer to use and how it can be used to automate calculations for repeatable application.  Within this students get know to be familiar with the following topics:

  • How to use excel interface to make things faster
  • How to write formulas to make proper calculations
  • How to format the spreadsheet
  • How to create tables and make them transparent
  • How to use chart functions to present data in visual design
  • What are the mathematic and logic built-in functions
  • How to use lookup functions
  • How to make simple data analysis

All the above were chosen to make a good start with excel and to get familiar with some basis about it. Excel offers a variety of functions and hence is also complex tool.

This course is based on a specific methodology. According to the slogan “practice makes perfect” it is focused more on doing exercises than going through the theory. We believe the students can make bigger progress in this way. What is more, at the end the course is granted with getting certificate. The only thing to get is a good will to learn the new skills. Beside be aware that excel skill can be an asset once coming into labor market! Think about more perspectives for your job.

So keep attention. Soon we are planning to start the second edition of basic excel course. Additionally it may happen that another IT courses will be opened in short-term period. We ask you to fill in anonymous questionnaire about your preferences. It can be found under the following address:

If you are interested to gain some of these skills stay “IT” and follow our website and FB page.

Wojciech Dynda

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