Funky Guerrilla

The Guerrilla Case

Two detectives and a case to solve

 “Well, if you ask me why I joined the guerrilla, I can tell you that I knew some guys over there. I was aware about what they were doing and I liked it.”

 “I was studying at that time and afraid of joining them. I wanted to participate. I wanted to be part of it.”

 “Now, when I look back at that days, I can tell you that I did a good thing in waiting: not because I regret the choice I made. Not at all.”

 “It’s because when you join the guerrilla, it’s hard to get out. It affects your life. And it is beautiful.”

 “I started attending some activities they had. Just because I was interested, I would say.”

 “But what was more, is that every time I was with the guerrilla there were interesting people with good ideas and a lot of positive energy. I liked it and I wanted to be part of it, somehow.”

 “When I joined them, I’ve immediately felt that I belong there. And I still feel it.”

 “I believe I’ve never been connected with the society as much as I am since I’m part of the guerrilla.”

 “I remember my first two or three projects. It was magical back then. Thanks to the guerrilla, these past years, I met a lot of people from all over the world with different stories.”

 “I also had the chance to listen for the first time my favourite bossa nova song played live by this guy from Lisbon met in France, in Avignon.”

 “Here is a small community and a poor country too. When you travel, other people look at it as something unordinary.”

 “The guerrilla gives you this opportunity, and you should grab it!”

 “I would say it’s all about a bigger plan. The guerrilla connects people at different levels. It’s a chance to learn something new.”

 “We all are hoping to change our self, that the world will change…”

 “…but we normally do nothing and then we expect something in return.”

 “Here is something else: we give in order to get back for the common good. And we try hard, everyday.”

 “It’s always different If you are part of the guerrilla. You have to be flexible, in a way, but also being able to plan things.”

 “Try to structure things while you’re flexible. It’s a quite hard challenge but it’s nice.”

 “You know, when I speak with people about what we do, they think that is not possible. That it can’t work.”

 “But we are the proof that if you want to achieve something you need to work hard on it.”

 “If you find people like you, it’s easier. Working together, no matter where are you come from, is much more fun.”

 “I would like the guerrilla to succeed because in this country you don’t have a lot of choices, and we made one.”

 “If we succeeded, people will think that it is possible.”

 “We tried to change something on our own. We didn’t want just to wait.”

 “You know, when I speak with people about what we do, they think that is not possible. That it can’t work.”

 “Unemployment, especially for young people, is huge here.”