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I interviewed Rina Knezevic pedagogue in the Daily Nest Center at Udruženje Most (Gradiška), to know more about the activities for kids implemented in this organization.

A. Which is your role in the “Nest Center”?

R. I work in the Nest Center as pedagogue and coordinator of the activities. I prepare and implement it together with our volunteers.
In my job is really important monitoring the kids (especially the new ones) to see how they react to the different situations, how they cooperate and interact with their peers and with adults.
I also observe them in order to understand which is/her skills are (concerning communication, school knowledge) but also about their fear and weaknesses.
Observing their behaviors is possible for me to understand which are the kid’s favorites activities, their response to the authority, relationships with the family basic hygienic habits.
In addition I also communicate with their parents.
A. Which kind of activities are you implementing with the kids?

R. I’ll try to summarize talking just about our main activities:
we assist them in the learning process while they are doing their homework;
we accompany them to cultural visits;
we organize in Italian and Polish courses through non-formal techniques;
we promote healthy activities (such as sports, about healthy food);
psycho-social workshops (working on emotions, communication);
IT activities (robotics, game programming).

A. Can you describe me with more details two of this activities?

R. Sure. For example the psycho-social ones. Through these the kids learn to speak openly about their emotions. The main goal of this works is teaching how to react in situations of fear, sadness and anger.
I believe this are really helpful for them cause the emotions are the main part of human life.

Robotics and programming. Their importance derives from the fact that we live in the computer age. The main goal of this workshops is ensure that children develop skills in IT communication and IT programming. Capacities that are really appreciated in the labor market.

A. How are the kids improving themselves thanks to the activities implemented in Nest Center?

R. As partially mentioned they are improving themselves in communicating their feelings, improving their self-esteem, abilities in socializing, acquiring skills useful for the labor market and improving their school grades.

However the main way to improve themselves is the “peer to peer” education. With these the kids can share their abilities and skills through workshops that they (with our help) prepare and held.

What is more important is the smile and happiness that we can see in children face while they are in Nest Center. This is something that makes us happy too!

Article written by: Anna Rita Loddo

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