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Association is a group of individuals who enter into an agreement, to form an organization to accomplish a common purpose (social, cultural, sports, recreational…) but not economic.

The essential elements of an association are therefore persons (associated) and purpose common (finality): and olso heritage (mutual fund) but  is not always necessary.

In many jurisdictions no formalities are necessary to start an association. In some jurisdictions, there is a minimum for the number of persons starting an association.Some jurisdictions require that the association register with the police or other official body to inform the public of the association’s existence. This could be a tool of political control or intimidation, and also a way of protecting the economy from fraud.

They can operate as recognized associations or as unrecognized associations.

An association acquires legal personality – it is worth a say becomes a recognized association – through recognition, which is determined by registration in the register of legal entities. The recognition has the function of checking that the benefits of limited liability are granted to associations that demonstrate be able to cope with their assets to their debts.

In many such jurisdictions, only a registered association  is a juristic person whose members are not responsible for the financial acts of the association. Any group of persons may, of course, work as an informal association, but in such cases, each person making a transaction in the name of the association takes responsibility for that transaction, just as if it were that individual’s personal transaction.

By the way to give life to an assosiation there are some steps:

– first denomination, that is the name that identifies the assosiation;

– the headquarters, the place where the assosiation has the main center of its activity

– heritage (not required for the association not recognized) the associative contract must indicate the composition of the patrimony, that is, of the different elements that make it up

– Non-profit purpose. The purpose must be lawful and, obviously, it can not be economic or lucrative because it must satisfy needs of an ideal nature or otherwise non-economic of its members.

  • Rules on ordering and administration;
  • Rights and obligations of members.

These are the important elements to create an association, but of course they may change depending on the country and jurisdiction, but associate is an inalienable righ and is olso recognized in the law of larger organs such as the european union.

But beyond the technical and legal aspects, what really matters is the desire to help others and to educate the world to share, making it a better place.

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