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As you are reading this article you already know at least one foreign language. The foremost opportunity to learn a new language you meet in the school. But even if it is, it depends on you how good you will become in languages. For that reason it would be greater if you consider learning languages as an investment for your future life. This article will show you some important aspects why improving a foreign language is good for you.

New perspectives – the new mind

Every new experience gives you a possibility to meet the world from the another side. Learning language is also a kind of new perspective. Think about that you are in the box and then you go out of your comfort zone. That happens when you start to learn new language. Step by step you get known how to build phrases in a new language. You know more and more words, you learn about the grammar structure. Then you learn about specific origins in that language. After some time you are able to discuss with natives. When you go deeper you start to communicate in that language. Depends on it you start to think in the way specific for the society which uses that language. Then you also start to behave in the way related to that language. You are getting a new mind and you see the world around in the new way.

Meeting new people and culture

English is supposed to be the common language to communicate all over the world. For this reason it is a must-to-learn language if you consider to explore the world out of your home country. It can be good enough to meet another culture and people.  But would it be beneficial if you can speak native language of local community? The answer is absolutely for “yes” if you want to get deeper in the culture. Imagine that you speak with natives in their language. Then instead of being normal tourist, you become more like friend for them. You are able to understand their mind in better way. You can understand why the habits are as they are. Language is often strongly connected with spoken language.


Once learning a new language you will experience moments when new ideas flow to your head. That is because you expand the abilities of your brain. You discover new ways of thinking and learning.  Our brain is a holistic organ and when you train some parts of it, it will affect also different areas of your brain. In that case you learn new words, you meet new people, you discover the culture. Then you get new approach and it opens you to create new mind. You have more will to do new things. The learning never stops if you start. If you go through one way, then you notice there are another ways appearing. Process of learning continues on and on. The mix of all of these raise your abilities, so you become stronger. And what is really important, you stay hungry for learning and you want more. Remember that everything around us was at first in somebody’s minds. The creativity stays behind that, so take your chance and learn a language!


Travelling is big industry and it is still growing up. There are thousands offers for vacation, trips and roads. We can always travel in our own country and for this we do not need to know foreign language. On the other side, imagine what possibilities for travelling will open to you if you know at least English. You can go all over the world to explore new areas. But if you can speak local language, it accelerate your opportunities. You can discover more details just because you know native language of place where you travel.

Probably you noticed that all aspects above are complementary and they are connected with each other.

Hope that now you are full of enthusiasm to start your way in learning languages. Soon we will publish another article to advise which language to choose according to your needs. You will see also that getting language skills would definitely increase your chances to get dream job.


wrriten by Wojciech Dynda

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